CCS University BA LLB Previous Year Papers

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General English – I BL-1001
Sociology – I BL-1002
Political Science – I (Political Theory) BL-1003
Economics – I BL-1004
Indian History – I BL-1005

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General English – II BL-2001
Sociology – II BL-2002
Political Science – II (Political Theory) BL-2003
Economics – II BL-2004
Law of Torts And Consumer Protection BL-2005
General English – III BL-3001
हिन्दी – 1 (भाषा और साहित्य ) BL-3002
Law and Media- I BL-3002-A
Political Science – III BL-3003
Contract – I BL-3004
Indian Legal And Constitutional History BL-3005
General English – IV BL-4001
हिन्दी – 2 BL-4002
Law And Media- II BL-4002-A
Political Science – IV (Indian Government And Polities) BL-4003
Indian History – II (Modern Indian History) BL-4004
Law of Human Rights BL-4005
Law od crimes BL-4001
Family law -I (Hindu Law) BL-5002
The constitutional law of India BL-5003
Contract-II BL-5004
Jurisprudence-II BL-5005
Environmental Law BL-6001
Family Law – II (Muslim Law) BL-6002
Constitutional Law of India – II BL-6003
Public International Law BL-6004
Jurisprudence – II (Legal Concepts) BL-6005
Labour And Industrial Law BL-7001
Company Law BL-7002
Interpretation of Statutes BL-7003
Insurance Law And Accident Claims BL-7004
Criminology And Penology BL-7004-A
Professional Ethics, Accountancy of Lawyers And Bar Bench Relation BL-7005

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